Things that “Put on a Smile” Foundation Do To Improve Maternal Health in India!

How does a mother feel when a newborn is placed in her arms for the first time? It’s a moment of unimaginable joy! A joy that every mother deserves to experience at least once in her lifetime! But sadly, some mothers don’t get a chance to feel this happiness! Many women die during pregnancy and after childbirth due to several reasons. One of the leading causes is the lack of proper maternal health care.

Maternal health refers to women’s health during pregnancy, childbirth, and after delivery care. It is crucial to have a positive experience during each stage to ensure better women’s and child’s well-being. Unfortunately, despite significant advances in India in recent years, several women still die every day during and after childbirth. And the figure could be far too high! The role of foundations such as ‘Put on a Smile’ (POAS) comes into the equation here.

Put On A Smile’s purpose is to provide essential maternal health care benefits to certain poor and needy families on a regular basis. We strive hard to put a smile on every pregnant woman. Continue reading to find out what the POAS team is doing to enhance maternal health.

Aiming at empowering women

The lower status of some girls and women forces them not to get needed education or get less education. As a result, they often are unaware of where they can obtain maternity healthcare and seek assistance if they are denied primary care. We aim to help every needy girl or woman to get a proper education. It is their fundamental right, and they should be aware of their rights to health care.

Distributing delivery kits

Lack of delivery kits can sometimes lead to the death of both mother and child. Every year, it is estimated that millions of newborns and lacs of women die in impoverished nations due to childbirth. An infection caused by childbirth complications is one of the leading reasons for their deaths. Likewise, some others die due to a lack of access to clean supplies. POAS saves women’s and kids’ lives by delivering safe delivery kits to expectant poor and needy women. The kits include all of the medical supplies needed to safely deliver a baby.

Running a mobile pantry program

Women have different nutritional needs throughout their life. Moreover, they have increased food and nutrient requirements before and during pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy stages, fulfilling the proper and balanced nutrient demands is vital for their health and the developing baby in the womb. Unfortunately, many poor Indian women are not receiving adequate nourishment and are in danger of malnutrition. As a result, the POAS team performs several mobile pantry programs in collaboration with the government and other charities to assist impoverished women in getting the required meal, fruits, vegetables, and other nutritional food products.

Helping in safe abortion care

Approximately 40 percent of all abortions are unsafe. Interestingly, 95 percent of them take place in developing countries. Unsafe abortions are one of the leading yet preventable causes of maternal deaths. It can cause both emotional and physical health problems for women. We make every effort to provide poor and needy women with access to a variety of contraceptive choices for undesired pregnancies as well as safe abortion treatments.

Spreading awareness about maternal health to men

Men’s involvement in maternal health care can bring a great positive change in women’s health. As partners and parents, they can play an important role in maternal and newborn child health. They can even adapt and encourage other family members to pursue health-promoting behaviors at home, such as better eating habits and cleanliness. POAS provides many awareness initiatives for impoverished men in which we educate them on maternal health care advice to ensure the well-being of their partner and baby.

Protesting child marriage

We have observed that adolescent girls are frequently subjected to child marriage due to family customs or other factors. Also, low education and poverty are the other factors of early marriage. Unwanted pregnancies are more likely in child marriages. So, POAS runs a number of educational programs and camps to address child marriage to encourage poor people to avoid child marriage and contribute to lowering the maternal death rate.

We at POAS are committed to helping pregnant women get the best care she deserves!

In addition to improving maternal health care, we also run other charitable programs such as “senior’s program” to help older people get food, clothes, and shelter, “mobile food pantry program” to distribute food to poor people, “school pantry program” to help children at school get nutritional meals, “education program” to help poor children get the necessary education, and “disaster program” to help disaster-affected people get food, shelter, medicines, and clothes, and many others.

You can also help us by donating to these wonderful causes. Donate to Put On A Smile (POAS) to make someone’s day brighter! When you shop on AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to us as well.

“We” smile when “you” smile!