PUT ON A SMILE: Helping Students Achieve Their Dreams!

Schooling is an integral element in shaping a student’s life. After all, educated youth is the foundation of a prosperous future for a country. Yet, even in today’s world, millions of underprivileged children are deprived of the opportunity to receive a proper education. This problem is most prevalent in both rural and urban poverty-stricken areas.

Problems faced by students during the pandemic!

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and children had to stay at home, the poor students were impacted the most and experienced the loss of valuable education. As a result, the socio-economic disparity played a key role in hindering many children’s potential to prosper. Such disparity is prevalent not only in India but also in parts of developed countries such as the U.S.

Students studying in under-resourced schools struggled to get proper education as many students did not even have access to adequate equipment for remote learning in India. The limited access to computers and smartphones needed for remote learning resulted in study loss. In addition, many students also lacked to keep up with the sessions due to internet issues in various parts of the country.

Furthermore, the uncertainty of finances and the sensitive Covid-19 situation increased the challenges for the troubled children from low-income families. Thus, the Put On A Smile (POAS) organization recognized the need for an educational program to help the unfortunate youth to achieve their dreams by providing the required academic support.

The Education Program by Put On A Smile (POAS)

The Put On A Smile (POAS) foundation is dedicated to putting a smile on the faces of the less fortunate children and youths. Thus, as part of our education program, we strive to mitigate the effect of education loss and provide opportunities to uneducated young and older adults to learn and become capable of achieving their dreams. Thus, we directed our efforts toward ensuring that students get the required educational resources and facilities for obtaining a quality education.

At POAS, we understand that in-school learning and remote learning have many differences. Thus, we work tirelessly to ensure that students in various parts, including remote areas, can get quality learning opportunities despite the challenges. We provided financial aid and support by providing the essential equipment needed to conduct online classes.

As India has one of the largest populations of growing youth, many families even struggle to enroll their children in schools. Thus, we also invest in efforts to encourage free education for children from such families to educate their children and raise them from the cycle of poverty. Furthermore, we at POAS emphasize all aspects of students’ development. Thus, we try our best to fulfill students’ nutritional and clothing needs along with proper education.

Our education program at POAS is not only designed to teach students but also to inspire and provide hope to adults and older people to benefit from educating themselves and their children to create a better future for all. Thus, our program is aimed at helping students who are struggling with social or financial setbacks get ahead in their lives.

During the pandemic, the POAS team made all the possible efforts to minimize the impact of school closure on marginalized children and helped them overcome the challenges towards education. We have many volunteers who have helped us in our journey to bring this vision to life and have helped thousands of children access education through remote learning. In addition, we invite others to join us and donate towards the noble cause. So, if you’re ready to make a difference in the world, you may sponsor a child’s education or donate today!